Omnipotent. Omniscient. Sovereign. Immutable.

You done? …you sure? Okay, good.

Do not blame me for the fact that you were too busy following Nerevar around like a lovesick animal to actually try to be that ‘loving and appreciative’ person instead of a mindless follower. You let your obsession rule you, and you still do. Nerevar was a person just like we all were, with his shortcomings and imperfections and his stupidity. Your obsessive love for Nerevar did nothing but stifle him, though he had the good grace to put up with it, even accept it.

When you are quite finished with your obsessive wanking about brotherhood when it’s clear all you want to do is fuck him silly, own him, make him pay attention to you… then we’ll have something to talk about. I suspect that something will still be Nerevar, but that was all you ever were. Nerevar’s shadow.


Oh come on, Voryn. I could pretend to be Nerevar. I know how he acts in bed! Don't tell me you're not tempted. And you can even keep the mask on, although I'm not sure why you ever chose to hide your face. Those CHEEKBONES...

*In other news, violent Ash storms have spilled out of Red Mountain today, covering all of Vvardenfell and some of the mainland along with a strange loud noise that resembled what locals call “Pure Rage. Pure terrifying screaming rage.” A Buoyant Armiger stationed in Ghostgate claims that this is a frequent occurrence lately as the Tribunal has become a lot more active in public eye. Remember to stay inside, watch out for swarms of cliffracers, and keep those cure disease potions on hand outlanders! Praise Vivec!*